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Qingdao pangu choker hitch or basket hitch rope HMPE logging rope

Qingdao pangu choker hitch or basket hitch rope HMPE logging rope

  • Model:3ply 8ply 12ply
  • Size:1mm-104mm
  • Package:carton PLATE
  • Product introduction

    Product name:Qingdao pangu choker hitch or basket hitch rope  HMPE logging rope
    Brand name:Qingdao pangu

    Country of origin:shandong china
    Raw material:ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
    Method of preparation:double braid
    manner of packing:carton plate
    Payment method:TT/LC/Western Union/PAYPAL
    Port of shipment:QINGDAO/SHANGHAI

    Advantage of HMPE fiber

    Very Strong with a high strength to weight ratio. (Strengths as high as 350,000 psi). Strength is not affected by water

    Light enough to float. (Some mixtures do not float)

    UV Stable

    Low electrical conductivity

    Chemically inert except for strong oxidizing acids

    Smooth and slippery, self lubricating

    Resistant to fatigue, internal friction and abrasion

    Low Stretch, vibration damping

    Transparent to radar

    Company introduction

    We are Qingdao Pangu Rope Co., Ltd., the main products are off-road vehicle accessories, marine ship accessories, and all kinds of ropes

    In the past few years,we design sets of rope for our customers from home and abroad. Until now, we have more than 20 kinds of rope products which get patent. 
    Our products are mainly nylon, polypropylene, polyester, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, diameter from 0.2mm-200mm, length, color can be customized. Can be customized according to customer requirements, including the structure of the rope, type, accessories and other special requirements.
    Used for marine engineering salvage rope dragline rope sailboat fishing line
    For the super tanker ocean operating platform lighthouse and other fixed anchor rope

    Heavy duty ropes in fisheries and coastal industries: offshore salvage systems, rescue systems, offshore oil platform systems, berthing, anchoring, towing, marine seismic surveys, submarine cable systems.
    Boat Series: Sailing with sails, sails, sag, sails and shenzhen series. Sports series: gliding cable, umbrella cable, climbing cable, Zhang Fan rope, shooting with the bow string.
    Military series: naval rope, sailboat, paratroopers with umbrella cable and other sail rope, helicopter sling, rescue cable and army and armored forces with a variety of Zhang Fan, machine use strong rope sail rope, helicopter sling, rescue Cable and army forces and armored forces with a variety of Zhang Fan, machine use strong rope.

    Production team presentation

    Our company has professional personnel, and the most advanced mechanical equipment.

    Breaking strength  testing machine

    Introduction to transportation

    Tension tester is divided into two categories:silk tension tester and rope tension tester

    Generally, there are air express, sea transport, air transport


    1. You can provide some samples for me?
    Yes, we can provide free samples to you, but the freight need you to bear.

    3. Transportation cost is too high, you there what's the solution?
    If you have a designated freight company, we can give you for free to your designated port forwarding, if you do not specify a freight forwarding company, we can provide you with forwarder company.

    4. How does your company do regarding quality control?
    Each year we have quality supervision department inspection, and issue inspection reports, each batch of goods will be strictly controlled, the company's internal will have quality regulation, to ensure that every batch of products qualified and best quality.

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